Hi There – Volume 1

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Hi there person who has found their way to huffamoose.com. We hope browsing our website is turning out to be an experience of some sort.

Touching base. It’s been, it has never been, at least not in blog format, never. We may be playing a show the night before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 27, 2019. In Philadelphia. Most likely a suburb of Philadelphia. A wealthy suburb of Philadelphia.

What else…Craig’s friend, Carl Owen recently published a pretty cool comic book called “Bird Kid”  – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43309381-bird-kid. Craig, and his friend Joe read it and they both enjoyed it. It takes roughly 7 minutes to read (and enjoy).

Maybe we’ll do a four paragraph limit with our new blog posts – that seems to line up with modern attention spans. Four paragraphs and a “see you soon!” of some sort.

’til next time.