Huffamoose reclaims its place at the top of the charts and more…

There’s a new record, a thoroughly engrossing interview with Talia Schlanger on Wold Cafe, videos, a podcast interview with Alex Green for Stereo Embers and, well, that’s it. For now.

World Cafe Interview
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“I will be a restaurant manager and we will live in a house close to the restaurant where I work, so I can walk home for lunch, see the baby and kiss the woman that I love, so completely.”

“…do not exaggerate the thread count in the fabric of your cosmos-friend…”

“…but I couldn’t answer. His t-shirt collar, chest hair pouring out, white as the driven snow. And it made me want to lie and disappear all over again. My ungroomed middle-aged friend, taking the wind out of my sails.”

“Don’t look now, holy cow, someone’s turned the church into a stable. Not my pick, not my farm but I can’t let this monkey turn the table. Agent orange fades into fable…”

“Send out your new song. Send it to your list of people who can help. Send it to a friend who you know will reply and tell you how great it is. Send out your new song.”

The MEN of Huffamoose

Craig Elkins
Craig Elkins
Craig is composing this mini-bio at the tail end of a hangover. He enjoys celebrating his accomplishments with friends.
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson
In addition to travels with Huffamoose, Guitarist Kevin Hanson has performed and recorded with The Roots, Jay Z, Usher, Jill Scott, Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia and many more.
Jim Stager
Jim Stager
In addition to playing bass, Jim enjoys cooking, whittling and swimming with close friends and casual acquaintances. He will no doubt love this bio blurb and not want to make any changes to it.
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson
Outside the realm of Huffamoose, Erik’s recording and performing credits include Ben Schachter’s Trio of Many, George Garzone, Tim Hagans, Jack Walrath, Gary Bartz, John Swana, Jef Lee Johnson, Ralph Bowen, Larry McKenna, Jim Ridl, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Kurt Elling, Gerald Veasley, Schooly D and many more.

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The documentary Here Comes Huffamoose follows the band as they make the journey from being the probable next big thing to their ultimate demise. It was screened at the Silver Lake Film Festival in 2003. In the March 2004 edition of Premiere, Cameron Crowe named it as one of the best rock movies of all time.